We are always looking for hardworking team members of all skill and experience levels, please contact for current openings and more detailed job descriptions.

Employment Opportunities

Ability to perform hard labor in an outdoor setting for extended periods of time.

Speak English and be able to follow complex instructions as part of a team.

Be comfortable around heavy equipment and maintain an awareness of ones surroundings.

Constantly seek out new tasks in order to keep the job moving.

Have reliable transportation and be able to locate job-sites with only an address.

All qualifications for the General Labor Position Required.

At least two years of experiences with one or more of the following:

Asphalt Raking
Concrete Finishing
Masonry, Seal Coating
Line Striping
Paving Tasks

Two or more years of CDL driving experience is required.

Drivers are expected to be willing and able to perform laborer/operator tasks when no driving is needed.

Vehicle operation will occupy a minority portion of most days with occasional all day driving.


Responsibilities include:


Operating a variety of vehicles including tri axle dump trucks and lowboy trailers with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Loading, unloading, and securing heavy equipment for transportation.

Basic vehicle and equipment maintenance.

Snow plowing for extended periods of time in the winter months.

All general labor responsibilities and any operator responsibilities based on experience.

Must have 2+ years of experience operating heavy equipment.

Operators are expected to be willing and able to perform laborer/operator tasks when no driving is needed.

Should be able to operate the following with little to no training:

Five or more years of paving foreman experience is required.

Must be able to independently run a full paving crew in a safe and efficient manner. Must be willing and able to perform all crew responsibilities as well as provide on the job training for new hires.

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